Every Corporate has vision to have listing of their Securities on International Stock Market and having International Investors as part of their shareholders. Enhanced visibility and image for the company, its products and financial instruments in a market place inside as well as outside the country. Useful for raising of capital from local as well as international markets in future.

  • • Expanded market share through broadened and more diversified investor exposure with potentially greater liquidity, which may increase or stabilize the share price.
  • • Flexible mechanism for raising capital and a vehicle or currency for mergers and acquisitions.
  • • A lower coupon interest rate on FCCBs, which will be cheap debt for the issuer till the conversion and will also delay the equity dilution.

We at Fortress advise client the best suitable funding mode after analyzing the clients need, purpose and objective to raise funds.

Evolving the floatation strategy based on client’s interest including:

  • • Issue structuring.
  • • Issue size.
  • • Pricing / Terms of Issue.
  • • Ascertain and address the relevant regulatory issues related to issue of securities.
  • • Assist in preparation of information memorandum, presentation and other material for distribution.
  • • Organize and Hold Road shows, Presentations, Meetings with Management, Plant Visits, for prospective Institutional Investors, wherever necessary.
  • • Discuss and negotiate the proposed terms of the securities in consultation with client.
  • • Appoint various agencies as and when required for issue of securities and finalise the terms of their appointment in consultation with the client.
  • • Finalise the draft of various documents in consultation with the solicitors for International Law.
  • • Co-ordinate with the Company and other agencies for issue of securities and if required listing of securities on International Stock Exchange.
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